Connecting Remote users

By Balbir ·
I have been asked to quote for an office LAN setup.
I have to supply and config. 6 laptops with MS office and Norton AV. Supply and config. Win2K3 server and two printers. All this is no problem.

I also have to connect these 6 laptop users remotely.
How do i connect these users to win2K3 server?
What are the requirements for a VPN connection?
Do i need a static IP address to the ISP for the Router?
I was thinking of using a Sonicwall Router.
What is the typical charge for this sort of project.

If anyone Techrepublic member out there can help out on this one i would really appreciate it.

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This may be of some help to you

by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to Connecting Remote users

Lets know if you require any more help


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by Balbir In reply to This may be of some help ...

Thanks Col, It's a start. I don't have to do this until Jan.2007 so it gives me some time to do my homework.

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Just drop me a Peer Mail

by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to Thanks

If you need any help. I'm doing exactly the same thing but on a much larger scale right at the moment with a CAM Factory that makes stone bench tops.

As I've been in before the building even was drawn it's been a long term project for me but now that the building is getting close to being finished hopefully I'll be able to walk away from this one soon as I've spent the better part of a year now running up and looking at the progress.


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Reply: Connecting Remote users

by geekmicrochip In reply to Connecting Remote users

One of the Requirements for setting up the VPN connection is that to implement the GPO on your WIN2k Server and Configure your Users permissions. You need to enable Dail in Access permission under the AD for those users who wants to conncet to the VPN. In consiquense, they will be able to conncet to the VPN Server.
Thank you.

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Thanks everyone.

by Balbir In reply to Reply: Connecting Remote ...

Thanks everyone for your input.
VPN connection is now up and running.
Kind Regards,

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