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Connecting Servers over wan Link

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We have Two Identical Novell 4.11 serves with SFT-III at two different locations, We have a Leased line between both locations. What I want is that I wanted both this server and clients on each side to access the other server. What are the things I will required to do. do I need tree name to be same? What about time syncronisation? Do I have to configure IP or my both serves can talk to each other over IPX (Do I need to have same different IPX No. on both serves)
I have configured my Intel routers over IPX aswell.


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Connecting Servers over wan Link

by JimBb In reply to Connecting Servers over w ...

-Tree: can be separate, if you have a recent client it can log in into multiple trees at the same time. It does mean managing two sets of every user. You can have one tree as well, just make sure you partition it such that any partition doesn't cross a WAN link. If you use separate trees, *DON'T* use the same name.
-Since you have NW4, IPX seems the most logical protocol, unless you want to use NWIP, to "encapsulate" IPX packets into IP packets, to send them over the link. IPX has the nasty habit of using quite some broadcasts. I'm not 100% sure, but I think NW5 was the first to allow replica and time sync over IP only, so if you want one tree this may decide things for you.
-If you use IPX, using separate IPX numbers seems to be the most logical thing to do.
-I would try to avoid timesync over the WAN. Try getting a radio-transmitter for one server at each site, and make that one Reference. If that is not possible, make one Primary at each site, and all the others (if any) secondary, pointing to the primary at their site.

Good luck and have fun!


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