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    connecting telephone thro internal modem


    by jacobbasker ·

    i have internal data fax voice modem i tried connecting a local telephone number i could hear the phone ringing through the motherboard speaker i could not hear the same in my headphone with mike please help to solve this problem

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      Reply To: connecting telephone thro internal modem

      by tech_wiz03 ·

      In reply to connecting telephone thro internal modem

      many internal voice modem’s contain an onboard speaker and internal settings that govern whether to provide dialout sound thruogh this speaker until dialing completes, continuously, or not at all. The onboard speaker has nothing to do with your headset/mic run through your sound card. Your voice modem software provides the abilities to initate the call through the modem provide the handshake through your sound card so you can communicate over the modem as if it’s a telephone. I would check your software you are using and provide more details ok.


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