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    Connecting to 2 networks across a Wan


    by tagle ·

    Hello all, here is my question and thanks in advance if
    someone can help me out here.

    We setup a Windows 2003 server with active directory and we named it headquarters.
    This server is on LAN that has a T1 all behind a Netopia T1 router with a static IP.

    Netpoia 4600 Series link

    Ok next setup is a Windows 2003 server on a LAN is located 250 miles away using a DSL line from SBC. We use the 2wire DSL Router provided by SBC. That network is bridge and allows us to user public static IP?s.

    Now how can we setup our Networks so our satellite offices login into our main headquarters servers?

    Is this possible?


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      by hal 9000 ·

      In reply to Connecting to 2 networks across a Wan

      You will get a faster response if you list this in the TQ & A section and you’ll even get auto generated e-mails sent to you when someone replies to your question. Most likely you will even get someone within your time zone as well who can help you in real time as apposed to the long delays in posting to a discussion forum.


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      One Option

      by grokked ·

      In reply to Connecting to 2 networks across a Wan

      Yes, it is possible. You can even have both servers be part of the same AD and, thereby, assign share rights based upon the single AD, which simplifies administration.

      My company currently does this with Cisco gear, but it can be done with just about any gear that supports site-to-site VPN links. I would recommend you look into getting another Netopia router for your other location (primarily because VPN links are easier to configure when between like-branded equipment), configure them on separate local subnets, and then link them via VPN. You would probably have to have the router connected to the DSL be the one to actually establish the VPN link since it’s IP address is probably dynamic, but that’s doable, and there are ways around that as well. If properly configure, the users at each location would still use their local Internet connection for web access, but would be able to see the remote network as if they were directly connected to it.

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