Connecting to a cisco router with windows vista

By thepower_180 ·
Hi all.

Am currently studying for my CCNA and have been given a Cisco router to play with. However, I am having a real struggle connecting to it. I do not know the IP address od the router and cannot seem to find it anywhere...
I have the router connected to my pc via a USB to sereal adaptor.

Any advice will help

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humm well... a non configured router doesn't have

by CG IT In reply to Connecting to a cisco rou ...

an address but if your studing for your CCNA you should know that.

if your using a USB to seral adapter what's that connecting to? your text books for CCNA would have the "how to" connect to a router in it. Least all the text books I've read do.

Maybe check out and get Todd Lammle's books for CCNA.

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Configuring a Cisco router

by radika01 In reply to Connecting to a cisco rou ...

Hi. Pls follow these steps to configure ur router- hope u're working with XP.
1-power on ur pc

2-make sure ur router is powered off!
connect ur router to ur pc: use a serial cable with rj-45 to db15 ends(this cld be that blue cable that came with ur router)

3- the rj-45 end goes into ur router's consle port(marked blue); the db15 end goes into the COM port behind ur pc

4-go to start/
all programs/accessories/communications/

5-click on the hyperterminal program; enter a name and icon for ur connection

6-Enter ur port settings:
data bits-8
stop bits-1
flow control-none

7-now power on ur router and wait 4 it to boot completely into hyperterminal! u'll knw this when u get the router> prompt.


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