Connecting to a Printer using the Print Wizard???

By PJ the IT guy ·
I am running Active Directory 2003 and have all the printers published to it. I have an issue when using the print wizard on my user's workstations. All my clients can use the print wizard to view all the printers by browsing for a network printer that they want to connect but from there they are unable to connect to that printer. They are able to connect to the printer if they put in the UNC path for the printer, \\server\printer name,,. I have tried to see if it is a naming convention issue but still no head way on it. Anyone have any suggestions??

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Are these the steps that you are following

by Jacky Howe In reply to Connecting to a Printer u ...

To use the Add Printer Wizard to install a printer that's available through your Local Area Network, you follow these steps:

1. Click the Start button on the Windows taskbar and then click Control Panel on the right side of the Start menu.

2. Click the Printers and Other Hardware hyperlink if the Control Panel window is in Category View. Otherwise, double-click the Printers and Faxes icon if the Control Panel window is in Classic View.

3. Click the Add a Printer hyperlink in the Printers and Other Hardware window to start the Add Printer Wizard and then click the Next button or press Enter to advance to the Local or Network Printer dialog box.

4. Click the A Network Printer or a Printer Attached to Another Computer radio button in the Local or Network Printer dialog box and then click the Next button or press Enter to the Specify a Printer dialog box.

5. If you know the name of the network printer, click the Connect to This Printer (or to Browse for a Printer, Select this Option and click Next) radio button and then enter the network path in the Name text box.

If your network printer is on a network that uses an Internet address and you know this URL address, click the Connect to a Printer on the Internet or on a Home or Office Network radio button and then enter the address in the URL text box. If you know neither of these pieces of information, leave the Browse for a Printer radio button selected and then click Next to advance to the Browse for Printer dialog box.

6. In the Browse for Printer dialog box, locate the printer in the Shared Printers list box by clicking the network icons until you expand the outline sufficiently to display the printer icon.

When you click the printer icon in this outline, the wizard adds the path to the Printer text box above.

7. Click the Next button to advance the Default Printer dialog box.

If you want to make the printer that you're installing the default printer that is automatically used whenever you print from Windows or from within a Windows program, leave the Yes radio button selected beneath the heading, Do you want your Windows-based programs to use this printer as the default printer?

8. Click the Next button to advance to the Completing the Add Printer Wizard dialog box, where you can review the settings for your new printer before you click the Finish button or press Enter to finish installing the new printer.

Check step 6
Check your users print permissions.
Check naming convention nam_cnv
I like to stick to the old standards and keep them as one word and short.
I would also be controlling printers through the logon script.

If all the above do not work run sfc /scannow on one of the PC's.

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Steps I did

by PJ the IT guy In reply to Are these the steps that ...

How I have everything setup up is to allow everyone to add the printers since it is on a network share drive with full permissions to add and subtract from their workstations. Currently the only way to add a printer on any workstation is to use the UNC path. You can use Start>Run>Printserver, and then pick from a list of printers to connect by. You can use the same UNC path in the print wizard. So there is no issue adding the printers or permissions. My issue is when you are trying to add the printer on a local machine by picking it through the browse function for your printer on the directory. The function of browsing and connecting does not work. There seems to be an issue from the workstation to Active Directory to allow this connection to be added. I can not control printers through a script as well since most of my users are never in the same location or doing the same task. Adding a printer is not the problem it the wanting to allow the users to use the wizard to browse for their printer using the active directory list on the directory. Lastly most of my workstation on the network are running 2000 where my servers are running 2003, I have a few XP workstations but they are all acting the same.

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More reading

by Jacky Howe In reply to Steps I did

Using Group Policies to Control Printers in Active Directory

Publishing a Printer in Windows Active Directory

Another alternative.

You will need the file con2prt.exe installed on each workstation. It can be found on the resource kit CD. Create a batch file to run on startup. EG:Print.bat
con2prt /f

con2prt /cd \\"severname"\"printer share name" Black
con2prt /c \\"severname"\"printer share name" Colour
con2prt /c \\"severname"\"printer share name" Poster

Below this line is the Help File.
CON2PRT: Lets the user disconnect all existing connections to Windows NT printers and connect to newly specified Windows NT printers.Usage: CON2PRT [ /? | /h | /f | [/c \\printserver\share | /cd \\printserver\share]+] where: /? - displays usage. /h - displays usage. /f - deletes all existing printer connections. /c - connects to \\printserver\share printer. /cd - connects to \\printserver\share printer and sets it as the default printer. NOTE: /?, /h can only be the first parameter and if specified further interpretation of the command line is stopped. /f can also only be the first parameter, however it doesn't stop further interpretation of the command line. Any number of /c and /cd parameters can be specified however only the first /cd sets the printer specified as the default.Hint: Use --Net View \\printserver-- to determine available print shares.

Using this technique Users can select the Printer to Print to. Add this line to your logon script. if "%OS%" == "Windows_NT" call c:\print.bat

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