connecting to a wifi router via a bluetooth phone

can you connect to a wifi router using a pc connected to a bluetooth phone? any one who can help will be much appreciated

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thanks but..........

by TIMWIRELESS In reply to Yes through sharing

I am trying to connect my phone with a wifi router and surf using the router's internet connection, if you have an explanation, will be appreciated

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no, it can not be done that way

by .Martin. In reply to thanks but..........

even though (most) wifi and bluetooth both work on the 2.4GHz wavelength, they are <b>not</b> compatible with each other.

unless the phone has wifi built into it, the <b>only</b> way to connect it to your router, is through a laptop with bluetooth.

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thanks for clarifying

by TIMWIRELESS In reply to no, it can not be done th ...

thanks man, was a little bit twisted on that

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In addition

by wesley.chin In reply to thanks for clarifying

Don't forget the encryption key that is needed, assuming encryption is turned on.

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