Connecting to a Windows server from a Mac via a link

By ndveitch ·
Hi There,

I have a quick question to ask, what would the command be to link from a Mac to a Windows server.

I work in a mix PC/Mac environment and often have to transfer files between folders on my Windows servers and then I email my users that the files are transferred and in the email I would add the link to that folder, e.g. \\servername\foldername\ and then the PC users can just press the link and they go ot that folder.

How would you do it for Mac? I saw something on the Mac Forums site about using smb://servername/foldername/ and I tried it but it didn't work. I sent an email to one of my Mac users but the line did not come out as a hyperlink.

Could anyone let me know if there is a way of adding a link to emails so that my Mac users can just press it and it will take them to the respective folder?


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Hotlinks being active depends on the application.

by seanferd In reply to Connecting to a Windows s ...

If the email client doesn't see it as a link, it won't be clickable. It also depends on whether you created it as a link, and whether recipients are reading email as plain text or not. How about copy & paste instead?

You can't just shove a protocol in front of a network path to make it clickable. Either it belongs there, or it doesn't. Either it displays as a link, or it doesn't.

So, do the Mac users reach the files by the path you give them? Once that works (and I rather assume it has been working for a long time, yes?), then it is up to forcing the email client to see this as a link.

--- Poking around a bit, I mostly suspect the linkification of the UNC is a "feature" of MS products. Using Outlook as a mail client on Windows machines, right?

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Never created it as a link

by ndveitch In reply to Hotlinks being active dep ...

I never tried creating it as a link as I try to work by the system, if the link is not automatically assigned then there could be a problem.

My Mac users are using Entourage as the email client. The way my Mac users normally get to the folder is they have to open Finder, then connect to the server and then they can open the respective folder. Most of the Mac users are very good with this and can normally get to the folders they need.

I was just curious to know if there was a way to send them a link via email, as I do for my MS clients, that they could just click and it would automatically open Finder with the server connected. I would assume that due to technology differences between the different OSes this might not be possible or as easy as I think.

It was mainly a hope as I'm still getting used to working in a Mac environment and was wondering if there was a way for me to make accessing the Windows Servers a bit easier.

Thanx for the advice thou, I do have a company that does my Mac support so I will ask them tomorrow if it is possible and if there is an easy way to do this I will reply to my post.

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You could move closer to standards...

by TobiF In reply to Never created it as a lin ...

You could try to set up a webserver on a subdirectory on the shared files.
Then you could share http links, with greater possibility that things will work directly.

The address could then become something like

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