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Connecting to my PC remotely

By ceodrew25 ·
Hello, I'm trying to connect to my PC remotely but I'm having some difficulty. I know what the IP address is that was given by my ISP, but the cable modem that I have is connected to a router which I put a WEP on, which is what I think is preventing the connection from happening. The router is a wireless netgear...I have turned on remote access on the PC and tested it out with another computer on my network and it worked. So I know it has something to do with the router. Does any one have any suggestions as to what I can do to overcome this hurdle.....I'd really appreciate it, thanks in advance.

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by lowlands In reply to Connecting to my PC remot ...

I believe you will have to set some rules to forward traffic from your router to your PC for port 3389 (RDP, I assume you use remote desktop).

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Connecting to my PC remotely

by ceodrew25 In reply to rules

I did actually open port 3389 but I'm still having issues with connecting.

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by dmartinez In reply to Connecting to my PC remot ...

May I ask what method are you using to connect to your PC ? Also you may want to try using PC-Anywhere - I use it constantly to connect to my home and office computers.

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by ceodrew25 In reply to Question

Sorry for the late response. I am using remote access to connect.

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Ok So

by rkuhn In reply to Answer

So you have or haven't forwarded port 3389 on both TCP and UDP to the specific IP address of the PC you are wanting to control?

Also, is that PC taking a DHCP address dynamically or static? Have you checked to see if your cable company is switching your "static" IP?

I've heard that most cable companies now call these "sticky" IP's because, yes, for the most part they don't change but they reserve the right to change them. And I've seen them change once a month at times.

Have you ruled out a local firewall on the PC?

And, if you are trying to connect from work, have you ruled out that the network admin hasn't changed the default port on all domain PC's using RDC to use a different port #? That is quite easy to do and some do it along the lines of security through obscurity.

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