Connecting to PPPoE ASDL

By e.zer0 ·
Can someone clarify for me how I should be hooking up my ASDL to my WIN2K3 Network. I have DLink Switch which all computers connect to. My ASDL modem takes one port, my WIN2K3 server takes another, and all other computers take their own ports too. Should I be connecting the ASDL directly to the WIN2K3 machine for security purposes? or is it ok to have the ASDL modem on a random port on the Dlink Switch? What stops other computers from accessing the ADSL modem since it is plugged directly into the switch?? Can someone clarify how the internet should be connected proplery with a WIN2K3 network?? How do I restrict access to certain cmoputers on the network??


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Configure the switch

by operator1 In reply to Connecting to PPPoE ASDL

Your switch should have a console port
So you need to connect your pc to that port
to configure your switch for all computers you connect.So port by port.I learned cisco ios and i dont know if others are using the same os and protocols.
Sure bet is when you are inside the console
type ? or help and see whats going on.
you will probably need some terminal software on your pc but you can try to use hyperterminal from win xp and you will need cable to connect it.Maybe you have some other method of connection, bluetooth ir???
I guess first in the line should be modem than switch with computers but dont take it for granted.
I know that when you connect pc to modem some configuration should appear in your browser.Some i used had ip address of modem you can maybe configure with browser,type in the address and see.
Hope that some net admin will come in here and clarify to both of us the right way.

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