Connecting to sharepoint through vpn.

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Hey People,

I have a client that has connected to our network through VPN from their home computer. My client can check emails and successfully log into a third party utility that we host on our networks. For some particular reason my client cannot access sharepoint at all. At first I got her to use a CNAME but there it would do nothing and then I got her to connect directly to the IP address of sharepoint. It does display an authentication prompt and then when my client inputs her client details, it responds saying the page could not be displayed.

I did ping the CNAME it self and couldn't resolve the DNS query. Then I pinged the IP address directly and it responded.

Now my client on her home router was using the same network as our internal LAN, so thinking that the router had some sort of routing issue, I switched her to a different network. That is not the case. She is now on a different network and still my client cannot connect to sharepoint.

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Maybe DNS suffix

by Dedlbug In reply to Connecting to sharepoint ...

I have found this to work in a similar case involving a Windows PPTP VPN connection. In the DNS section of the VPN connection settings, you should be able to define a DNS suffix to the connection. Make this your local domain. (domain.local) Register the connection and use the connections DNS suffix in DNS registration. Save the settings and try the link again. (Usually: https://servername:444) Also try the full Domain/Username and Password, since you can get the prompt with the IP.

This of course is assuming SharePoint/IIS is running correctly.

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by wogboy222 In reply to Maybe DNS suffix

Thanks that's the problem.

Have a good day,


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geez no thumbs....

by CG IT In reply to Thanks

thos guys down under are certainly stingy with the thumbs eh?

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by Dedlbug In reply to geez no thumbs....

Yea...It's cool. I don't care much about the thumbs, though I have earned more than 7 But thumbs may help others with a similar issue who want to know a problem has been resolved. I'll just cry myself to sleep tonight.

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