Connecting to two networks simultaneously?

By ruskall ·
Hi There,

Just a quick question. I'm working in an office where I'm using a laptop with Windows 7. I connect to a company proxy server for all internet access with no problems. We also have an iOmega StorCenter hardrive which we use as a temporary storage server which is accessed wirelessly with a router configured or we can go in wired. Obviously whilst i'm working from that hardrive I'm not on the other network for emails etc and have to switch constantly.

Is there any way I could have the access to the hardrive via ethernet whilst still using the proxy wireless network for internet/emails simultaneously? This would help me out a great deal.

Many Thanks


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The answer to this

by tintoman In reply to Connecting to two network ...

In my opinion would be to add the StorCenter server to your network, is there a reason why you can't do that?

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by ruskall In reply to Connecting to two network ...

Thanks for the reply, well basically we are a contractor working for a bigger company so are unable to do anything with the network than just access the proxy, the Storcenter is our own so is standalone.

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Do you have the IP address of the Storcenter?

by oldbaritone In reply to Connecting to two network ...

If you can get the IP address of the Storcenter, you can access it directly as


without needing network privileges, usually, assuming that your computer is in the same address segment with it.

Alternatively, if it's OK with the customer's IT folks, you can just set the Storcenter to an out-of-band IP address (few companies use the 172.16-31.x.x allocation, for example) and add a static secondary IP address on your own computer - like for the drive and, 102, 103 etc for your laptop(s) that want to access it. Use netmask for the secondary IP. That way, the company's people would be completely unable to see the drive, and only you and your co-workers would be able to access it. But be sure to check with your customer's IT folks before doing that.

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depends on what subnets everything is on.

by CG IT In reply to Connecting to two network ...

if your storage device is on the same subnet as your computer, there's no reason you can't access that while also accessing the proxy server as oldbaritone mentions. just map a network drive.

but if the company has put everything on different subnets, ie your storage on it's own subnet and their proxy on another, then routing is required between them. If the company doesn't provide that, not much you can do.

if you want to use your wireless network card on one subnet and your wired on another, together at the same time, each on different subnets, then that's far more difficult to achieve. Your Windows machine,is, basically, designed to use one network card on one subnet at one time. While you could connect both network cards to 2 different subnets, Windows is not intelligent enough to determine what application [like a browser or accessing a mapped drive ] is supposed to go through what network interface.That's because of the OSI/DoD TCP/IP Model

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depending on your operating system and subnet

by ghannah In reply to Connecting to two network ...

If you are using Windows, you can edit your wired network adapter via the network connections and IP4 properties. There is either an alternate configuration (in Win7 or Vista) or add addtional network in XP. In XP, you have to set a static IP address with the gateway and DNS included to get to the Internet. For the hard drive, you can add a second IP and subnet mask (no gateway) and you should then be able to access both. I recommend checking with the company IT folks before you set a static IP on their network so that you do not use a current IP address that might conflict with their network connected devices.

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