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    Connecting to …


    by ge0rgei ·

    everytime i open IE6 to get on the internet it gives me a logon window saying “Connect to” and askes me for a username and password (while it is asking me this
    the page is still loading” then i clikc cancel and i can see that page normal but when i type in a new address it gives me the same thing…
    and its getting annoing i always get that login when i try to surf the net
    and its anoying…
    if anyone could help i would really apreciate it

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      by jimmy ·

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      Sounds like something is hijacking your homepage.
      Possibly a piece of Spyware.

      Firstly, open Internet Explorer and click tools and then click internet options.
      (Another way is to double click My computer > control Panel > Internet Options)

      In the window which has opened what is the address of your homepage?
      Does it say somethin like
      or does it say something with
      If it says something with then change it to and see if this helps.

      If it doesn’t the cut and paste the following line into your browsers address page

      This will download LavaSoft Adware. Run the program and it will remove any spyware on your PC.


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      Reply To: Connecting to …

      by ge0rgei ·

      In reply to Connecting to …

      i already had Spybot S&D but i still downloaded Ad-ware 6.0 so i did what you said but still the same thing, i also downloade a RegCleaner and cleaned it but still the same thing.
      any other idea on what i should do to fix this anoying problem…

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      by ross.laing ·

      In reply to Connecting to …

      Try clearing out your Temporary internet files and your cookie, also in Internet Options, just in case something is lurking in there.

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