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connecting two computers

By sirmillsap67 ·
I would like to be able to use my laptop to access other computers. Would I need to create a network between them or could I use bi-directional parallel connection? This would mainly be for system crashes where the HDD won't boot or be recognized. Or if my laptop has programs that theirs does not and I want to run these on theirs. What ever assistance would be appreciated.

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by G... In reply to connecting two computers

if the other computer won't boot, there's no uses linking them in any way.
You will never have contact with the dead...

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by sirmillsap67 In reply to

Looking for actual details, thanks

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by w2ktechman In reply to connecting two computers

not entirely true, with the right software it can be done if the drive is good, but the OS wont boot.
But for the most part, it would be better to just throw the drive in another system or use the tools locally.
The 2 connections that I have used to image a drive or run HDD scans, was via serial cable, and via network cable (crossover)

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by TheChas In reply to connecting two computers

To examine hard drives and system files on PCs that will not boot into Windows from a laptop, your best option would be a USB to IDE adapter cable.

Basically, you would look at the system hard drive as an external drive on the laptop.
Repair bad files, and then set the system back up.

Even with just a parallel cable, to talk to the rest of a PC, you need to boot it with some sort of OS. Be that a bootable floppy, or CD. Otherwise, it won't be able to talk or listen to the laptop.

As far as setting up a "direct cable connection" style network between 2 PCs, your best option would be a USB data transfer cable.

USB is MUCH faster than serial or parallel connections.

Or, if both PCs have a network port, use a cross-over cable.


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by TheChas In reply to


Got your message.

Yes, a USB data transfer cable is different than a USB cable.

A data transfer cable has a little "hub" in the center of the cable that allows for the back and forth communications of 2 linked computers.

A cross-over cable is a specially configured network (RJ45) cable that allows 2 computers or devices to connect to each other without a hub or switch in between.

Check out these 2 TR downloads for details on building a cross-over cable:**82.html**.html

When I see cross-over cables in computer stores, they are often made of cable with a bright orange jacket so they are easy to identify.

As to software:

You may need a driver for some USB data transfer cables.

Otherwise, all you need to do is open Control Panel, Networking, and enable Direct Cable Connection on both computers.

You may need to change the Workgroup name on one or both computers so they are the same.


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by zlitocook In reply to connecting two computers

The other answers are true but one of the best tools I use is BartPE, it is a bootable CD that runs its own software. It dose not use the hard drive to run, so you can do repairs and install things. But as they said if the bios will not see the hard drive you can not fix it.

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