connecting two computers and internet connection

By stpmds ·
i have successfully connected my pc from my room with that of my daughters pc at the hall, just 10ft away using cat cables, and installing lan card

i am able to successfully access files across both systems, and transfer files too.

my TCP/IP config is also ok. but i am not able to connect to internet. My ISP has confirmed he is not blocking anything.

it was earlier working fine, and i used to experiement often changing IP addresses to learn.

now i have used IP addresses / and /

where i have gone wrong?
my lan is working fine. only
internet connection is not clicking

my os is XP Pro with SP2 installed

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Start Pinging

by animatech In reply to connecting two computers ...

Open CMD via Start> Run>CMD and start a ping session.
I would start pinging the router. default gateway and so on.
To find out your address in cmd window type ipconfig /all - that should give you a good starting point.
Also check your firewall (PC & Router ) as you might enable a setting the blocks WAN connections.
If all not working go back to basic and plug 1 PC to the modem and see if you can get internet connection.
If you can then plug the modem to the router.
If you have a modem that plugs into a router try to plug the modem to the LAN instead of the WAN.
Make sure that you have only 1 dhcp server on your network.
If you have a router\modem all in one type then check the settings\configurations.
I had an issue where I could only go online when my modem was connected to the LAN - A router firmware upgrade resolved the issue.
If you using static IP address try to run it via dhcp and see if you can get a connection.
Hint Usally 1.1 at the end is a router\modem default IP address try and give higher numbers at the end such as 1.100

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connecting two computers and internet connection

by bikash.dixit In reply to connecting two computers ...

You have successfully connected from your pc to your daughter pc and LAN working fine. But mistake is at IP address which you have entered. Your ISP must have provided Dinamically IP. So that automatically IP will be shown which pc is directly connected with Internet.I hope you must able to connect to Internet. after that you go through Internet connection sharing for your daughter pc otherwise you can run internet on daughter pc by the help of Win proxy software.

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