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    Connecting two different exchange server


    by aarmyguy ·

    What is the best way to connect two exchange servers in different domain/org.. Trusted relationship is established and both servers can be seen in exchange admin.. I can pull up both servers and make changes. I would like for the clients in both domains to see each calendars and make appointments.

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      Connecting two different exchange server

      by dao251 ·

      In reply to Connecting two different exchange server

      I believe the servers must be in the SAME Organization (exchange). Domains (NT and Internet mail) do not count. Any connector (IMS, X.400, site…) can be used.

      You will not be able to see calendars like Outlook folders even within one org, but you will be able to see Free/Busy info when making appointments (you must replicate Free/Busy folders for that).

      In theory, there is InterOrg replication tool (search MS site for that) but I have a doubt it would work with Free/Busy replication. SoI would move one of the servers to Organization of another one.

      Dima, MVP for WinNT Admin.

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