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    Connecting two IP Gateway


    by pradiprgupta ·

    Dear Sir,

    I would like to know that how can we coonect two IP Gatway providing VoIP and Data service in two different countries i.e. India and Middle east.


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      by mshavrov ·

      In reply to Connecting two IP Gateway

      First of all, you should check in your countries, what services are available. Do they have ISPs? What services are offered? Do they have international Frame Relay, MPLS, ATM, etc.? Do they provide Internet connection, and what is their uplinks? If nothing is available at the locations, you can look at Satellite Internet.

      After you determine, what service and at what speed you can get locally, you decide what communication method will you use. Fir example, if you have just Internet connection at good speed, you may build VPN tonnel between your two locations (some government restrictions may apply). If you can get a Frame Relay or ATM links, you may build a link as well. Sattelite service is good for data, but may be not acceptible for Voice due to delay.

      If you provide more information, you may have better answer.

      Good luck,

      CCNP, CCDP, CCSP, Security+, MCSE W2K, etc.

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