Connecting Two Offices

By astrawson ·

We have two offices both about 10 miles apart, We have just purchased a new Hire Track Software The Software runs off a Desktop server installed on the office PC we want to connect the two offices together so the secound office can access the Hire Track Server.

The office with the Server has a Static IP and the secound office has a normal (defalt) IP both running through an ADSL router.

We've tryed VPN but dont seem to get the hang of it.

Any ideas?

Thanks in advance.

Adam Strawson

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by CG IT In reply to Connecting Two Offices

VPN is a 2 stage process. Creating and maintaining the tunnel, then user authentication.

So your ADSL routers need to allow or be capable of creating and maintaining VPN connections. Then configured to forward the traffic to the servers [or pass through the VPN traffic to a remote access server that will establish the tunnel and provide authentication.

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how to?

by astrawson In reply to well........

Is there a How To Guide?

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look into a in-the-box solution

by vlape In reply to how to?

For a company with the lack of technical knowlegde i would suggest getting 2 sonicwall (or similar) firewalls, most configuration is point and click and the instructions are easy to understand. All you need to do is setup a dedicated point to point VPN between the two boxes.

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good suggestion on the Sonic Walls

by CG IT In reply to look into a in-the-box so ...

you could also use a consumer level one that had VPN End Points. Linksys has one. The routers maintain the tunnel and clients just access the tunnel instead of having to establish one.

for Microsoft go to and do a search for VPN on Windows 2003 server. Lots of how to articles.

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