Connecting two offices

By tardcart ·
I'm setting up an remote office and I'd like some input on good VPN appliance to connect the two.

The remote office has a full T1 with a Cisco 1700 and the home office has symmetrical 10Mbps fiber LAN connection that doesn"t require a router.

We used to have a couple of PIX 501s, and we weren't fond of them, and I've done some work on a Firebox before and wasn't thrilled with it either. I would prefer something that doesn't require a per user/connection license, but that's not a deal killer if it's the right device for the job.

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Netopia Routers

by ACGPHX In reply to Connecting two offices

I use Netopia devices (by Motorola.) Once you setup the VPN tunnel between the two sites without requiring any licenses whatever. I've had 2 R910's (rather old these days) connected 24/7 for more than 5 years without incident. One side is using Cable the other using DSL. In that case I allow anything from the remote site to pass without challenge to the opposite network.

I know they have devices for any type of connectivity.

Good stuff. Modestly priced in comparison. Hope it helps.

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