Connecting two router over wifi

By geroido ·
I have a virgin HUB 3.0 in my home recieving internet over coaxial from Virgin. It transmits WIFI around the house. I have a weak signal in another part of the house. I also have an old netgear WGR614 V6 Wireless router. So I was wondering if it is possible to connect the netgear router to my Virgin Hub over WIFI and then plug devices into the netgear router to connect to the internet. I don't want a physical connection between these two routers as they'll be in different locations around the house. Can't find anything specific online and can't find any settings in the netgear router to do with bridging if that's the method.

Any ideas? Not terribly tech savvy so details would be great.
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by abartkiewicz In reply to Connecting two router ove ...

Can't be done. I would recommend getting a WiFi extender. Then all you need a power socket.

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It's not possible WITHOUT a wired connection

by engineeringera In reply to Connecting two router ove ...

I cannot visualize your routers connecting with each other WITHOUT any wiring between them of some kind. Try rethinking your proposition - maybe you can manage an extension of some kind between the two locations.

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