Connecting via Remote Desktop

By ken.clarke ·

I cannot seem to connect to a machine until a user firsts logs into that machine locally.

Shouldn't I be able to connect to it once it has turned on and is at the windows login screen? I'm sure this is how other machines are setup but cannot find an option to enable this.


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Remote desktop

by Jacemg In reply to Connecting via Remote Des ...

Hey Ken,

Remote desktop may not be running as a system service. I'm oblivious as how to run it as a system service (loads before logging in) but I do know VNC can easily be configured to run as s system service.

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Home or Pro

by scott_heath In reply to Connecting via Remote Des ...

Is this Windows XP Home or Pro?

If you mean they have to send you an invite, it might be Home. I only use Pro myself, but I think I notived that home didn't actually have RDP.


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No Invites

by ken.clarke In reply to Home or Pro

No, I just mean that I have to go to that machine, login, then go back to my desk and am then able to remote in using mstsc.
If I do not login at the physical machine I am unable to Remote in.

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Sounds Like The

by Wizard-09 In reply to No Invites

Network card is going to sleep after some amount of time maybe, have you checked that power saving is not enabled on the card?

Also when you are unable to mstsc it try a ping and a tracert on the address in question.

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Just turned on

by ken.clarke In reply to Sounds Like The

It's when the machine is first turned on, so maybe the network card does not have an IP address before it's logged in? It is manually set though not automatic through DHCP.
I will go and restart it now and see if I can ping it.

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