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Connecting W2k w/station to W2k server

By technophobic ·
Hope you can help. I am fairly new to IT and I have a job interview next week. The site has W2k servers and W2k workstations. One of the practical test will be to connect a pc to the network. I am not too familiar with W2k servers but have played a little on the w2k pro PC.
Can someone guide me to a step by step (checklist/how to do) instructions to achieve this? Do I need to ask some basic questions before a attempt the connect the PC to the network?

I will really appreciate any help and I appreciate it is basic so my apologies.

Thank you.

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by CG IT In reply to Connecting W2k w/station ...

your kidding right? a job internview for a IT position and you don't know how to join a workstation to a domain?

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by timothy.sharpe In reply to Connecting W2k w/station ...

Try this link (bottom half of the page).

This assumes that the workstation has just been built and was not joined to the domain during the build process, or the workstation has been built and has previously been a member of a workgroup. If the workstation is imaged and they are using SYSPREP the process will be different, you will be prompted to join during the boot process. Study up on SYSPREP.

Obviously you will need to make sure the network card on the PC is connected to a live network jack. You should have a green light on the network card.

Before you begin you will need 1) Domain name 2) a network ID and password which is allowed to join workstations to the domain 3) you will need to know weather they use DHCP or static IP.

You will also have to know how to configure an TCP/IP.

Basically there are so many different scenarios that they could not be covered here, you should hit the books and if possible play around with building a small network at home. You may also want to consider being honest with them and letting them know you have limited experience.

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by w2ktechman In reply to Connecting W2k w/station ...

Just to mention, in this day and age you will need to really get to know OS's to find a good job in IT. There are very qualified candidates everywhere.
But, if that didnt scare you, and you are serious about getting a job in IT, then you must say goodbye to the sun for a while, go to the store and get some key books.
First a book on networking in general, to give some idea of how the network works, this can help in troubleshooting. Also, a few books on the Operating Systems that you plan to persue learning. A good Win2kpro book should cover joining a domain. Also you will need a book on Hardware and troubleshooting. This should be a good start.
-- --- Thats not all-- -- Thats just the start. You will also need to use these operating systems to gain familiarity with them, and then you will need to learn about applications and troubleshooting them. If you are looking at windows I would recommend Office as a good starter for applications. And don't even think about touching a production server until you have experience. 1 wrong move and hundreds of pissed off people will be looking to scalp you

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by dwdino In reply to Connecting W2k w/station ...

Sorry, there is only thing I can say:

"Dead man walking"

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by rsears In reply to Connecting W2k w/station ...

I think you might be screwed...

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