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Connecting Windows Me & Windows 2K Pro

By shades ·
I have a LAN with Windows Me & Windows 2000 Professional. I'm trying to connect both PC using one dial up connection. I've tried using the Wizard for Home Netwoks on Windows Me but to no avail. Can anyone please help!

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Shared Internet Connection

by Oliwa In reply to Connecting Windows Me & W ...

I'm doing something similar with Linux and 2000. In your situation you would make 2000 the "gateway" so to speak. The only way I know how to do this is to put a network card in both the 2000 system and the ME system. Then after you get that little peer-2-peer network going you can set up 2000 to share that dial up connection. Look in the Windows 2000 help under "Internet connection sharing"

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by Ryasth In reply to Connecting Windows Me & W ...

When trying to use the Home Networking wizard in WinME you have to have all WinME boxes. Otherwise you need to map the connections between the different OS's. You have to map the drive of the 2000 box and then setup the ICS for which ever OS is not actually physically connected by modem. Also some dialup ISP's don't support ICS or charge for extra connections. Try setting up the peer/peer network by mapping the drive of the 2000 box. It's worth a shot is it not?

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by topbudgetcomputers In reply to Connecting Windows Me & W ...

Hi there. I have exactly the same at home. I have connected two computers, one running winMe and the other running on win2kPro. My winMe is the gateway and is configured to use the internet as normal.
When you first set up your network of two computers, use DHCP for network protocol configuration (TCP/IP). Then use your winMe computer to connect to the internet in the normal fashion.
On the win2kPro computer, use the internet connection wizard and use the last option for connections, i.e. choose the connect manually or through LAN. Then choose workgroup (not domain). Remember that both computers should be members of the same workgroup. Then in the tools and properties of internet explorer, choose connect through LAN.
You are now ready to go.

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Networking @ home

by rccs In reply to

I have the same config also at home, but if your WinMe box is not the primary computer that is connecting to the net you may want to configure a proxy server for your win2k box.

There is a very nice program for this and best of all its free. follow this link and I think that you'll be happy with the results.

I have a static Ip address that I have configured as the main proxy server. I have four cable runs throughout the house that I can connect to the net with my laptop. Its great try it out.

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ICS with W2K Server and 2 WMe PCs

by srd In reply to Networking @ home

We have been trying to set this up, where the server (W2k)is the internet connection point. No luck. The Me PCs will not show the SHARE button necessary to complete the setup (according to the MS papers on the ICS). We have reinstalled the Communications features; doesn't stay selected on reboot. One set of directions said DHCP has to be off; another, that it has to be on. If you have any knowledge of this type of set up, input would be appreciated. We are ready to go to a 3rd party software like WinProxy or All Aboard.

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ICS on 1 machine

by DBlizzard In reply to ICS with W2K Server and 2 ...

You should only have ICS installed on 1 machine. If you have it installed on the ME machines then go to add/remove progs and remove it. It is easier to configure ICS on ME but you said you were using the Win2K machine as the host. If you only have ICS on 1 machine, the one with the physical internet connection, and you follow the set up wizard you should be ok. Make sure your network is working, use ping or look in my network places for all machines, then make sure the host can connect to the internet, then set up ICS last. Hope this helps.

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