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Connecting Windows XP to Mac OS 8.6 via Crossover Cable

By marcthurig ·
I am trying to connect my PC (Windows XP) and my Powerbook G3 (WallStreet) together using a crossover cable (Cat 5). I saw already on this website some explaination, but it is still not working. The problem I guess it is that I have to have an emulator on my PC that would recreate the Mac environment. However all the emulators on the Net are up to Mac OS 8.0. Further, the two computers are not even responding to each other, the connection is not existant! Even though I create on the PC and the Mac (ethernet setup)an IP address and Sub address. What should I do? I am not an IT person, but I'll find my way around. Could anybody give a step by step setup that would work. I would greatly appreciate.

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by lyon_bleu In reply to Connecting Windows XP to ...

Please clarify what you would like the result to be:

A) attach the PBG3's volumes to the Win XP in order to browse
B) attach the Win XP volume to Mac OS 8.6
C) be able to interact from the desktop of a User account with
one machine from the other.

In any case, a client and server that understand the same
protocol need to be explicitly enabled on each machine before
they can see each other over Ethernet. It would be a lot easier to
set up the Win XP box as the server Mac OS 8.6 doesn't speak
SMB, and Win XP doesn't speak AppleTalk. Both include Personal
Web Sharing which could be good enough for what you want
without spending money. There are also opensource projects:
Basilisk (
that emulates PPC [you would need to create an image file and
install Mac OS to it--in which case OS 8.1 or later will be just
fine for running AppleTalk] as well as Bochs (http:// that emulates P-IV-- which might
require an update to Mac OS 9.1.

Please be more explicit about your goals so our advice can be
more explicit.

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by lyon_bleu In reply to

Begging your pardon, in my haste there are a few things here
that I didn't make clear or flat out mistyped Thinking back to
Mac OS 8.6, I was also thinking about Win 98. My bad, sorry for
the confusion.

Personal Web _Services_ is the free software package that is
available for Mac OS 8.6 and includes light-weight http and ftp

PWS has been superseded on Win XP Pro with the optional IIS 5.1
suite that can be installed from the system disc. For the
purposes of a simple ad hoc LAN, the wizards should get you
through it with minimal hassle.

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by Murray Brydon In reply to Connecting Windows XP to ...

Another option would be to use the PearPC emulator(available from and then you will be able to run OSX emulated on your XP machine. This would then let you connect using appletalk.
You should also be able to connect via appletalk with basilisk as mentioned previously.

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