Connecting Wireless Laptop to Wired Desktop in Linksys WRT54G

By mccpanelo ·

I recently bought a new Linksys WRT54G router version 7 and i am trying to connect my wireless laptop to my wired desktop pc.

I followed everything on the manual and get the router working. in fact, both pcs have an internet connection. however, my real target is that i want my laptop to share its files to the desktop and vice versa.

My desktop PC is wired through one of the ethernet ports of the router, and my laptop is connected to the wireless side of the router. when i am trying to browse the network using Network Places, the desktop can see my laptop on the network however it cannot connect. On the other hand, when i browse the network using my laptop, i cannot see my desktop pc on the network.

May I ask if what should i do in order to get this problem be solved. Thanks and Good Luck!

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Re: Connecting Wireless Laptop to Wired Desktop in Linksys WRT54G

by penstripes In reply to Connecting Wireless Lapto ...

I'm not sure if you have done it already. But have you tried to enable the file sharing option in both your desktop and laptop, and shared some of your files already? If so, have you disabled or turn off their firewalls also?

Another thing, please try also to ping your laptop from your desktop - ping "laptop ip address" (and vice versa - ping "desktop ip address") using the command prompt to see if both machines can communicate to each other already.

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Enable File Sharing

by AruJammer In reply to Re: Connecting Wireless L ...

Seems to me , you haven't enable you file sharing on both computers.

You can type \\<ipadress>\c$ in your Explorer,see what happen

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Re: Enable File Sharing

by penstripes In reply to Enable File Sharing

I agree with gilbertorman. It's more likely that you didn't enable your file sharing option in both of your computers...

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hey i'm facing the exact same problem

by choragudi In reply to Connecting Wireless Lapto ...

i'm facing the same problem.. did u get the solution?

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Same problem

by count_latchula In reply to hey i'm facing the exact ...

Both of my computers are set up with file sharing on. My problem is that the desktop via ethernet does not see laptop via wifi. Both can ping each other fine. Desktop cannot see \\ip of laptop. I hope we can find a solution to this. On a side note my laptop is running vista business while desktop is running xp sp2.
I did have both working fine at one point, however I connected to a different network at school and thats when i started experiencing problems.

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