Connecting Xbox 360 to the internet.

By hamish2203 ·
My internet service requires me to log in when using the internet, standard cable into the wall.
XBOX's lack of browser means i cannot log into the service,tried entering PPPOe settings into xbox, didn't work.

It has been suggested to me to use microsoft virtual pc and IPCOP and the rather pricey wireless adapter for the xbox.

Aim is to create a virtual router which connects to net through cable. Laptop would point at virtual machine as its router, and the virtual router would connect to xbox via wireless.

Can run ipcop on the virtual pc, but not quite sure for setting up.
I get RED is the internet settings.
Not sure where i would put password details.
Any help on how to set the router up would be greatly appreciated.

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Bridge your connections

by Jmcentee In reply to Connecting Xbox 360 to th ...

Couldn't you just connect to your wireless on your laptop, plug your network cable from your laptop to the xbox, and then bridge the connections?

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To Bridge...

by Jmcentee In reply to Bridge your connections

If you're not sure how to do this, just make sure you're connected to the wireless, highlight your wireless, and LAC, and then right click, and Bridge Connections. That should take care of it. If not let me know.

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Why virtual router?

by oldbaritone In reply to Connecting Xbox 360 to th ...

Physical router is quite cheap, many less than $50. Plug it in, use PC to set it up, then use XBox and PC behind the router. Some routers can be configured for "keep-alive" to prevent the PPPoe login from timing out.

Besides, if you're plugging your PC directly into the net, you probably would be better off with the additional layer between your machine and the hackers.

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