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Connection between modem/router and wireless router

By aitlau ·
I have a modem router Billion BIPAC711C2 and Prolink Wireless router broadband router with 4-port fast etherswitch router but it does not seen to be able to connect. How do i go about configuring both routers?

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by CG IT In reply to Connection between modem/ ...

the Billion router LAN interface is a subnet. That connects to the Prolink wireless WAN interface. The Prolink WAN interface can obtain an IP from the Billion [don't know if the DHCP on the Billion will provide gateway and DNS to the Prolink. If not, you'll have to manually imput them. The Prolink LAN is a seperate subnet from the Billion LAN. Therefore you need to change the default subnet on the Prolink to something different. Like a subnet mask Default gateway for comps behind the Prolink is the Prolink router IP address. I believe that consumer level routers have RIP2 and you should enable it so that both routers can see and exchange routing information with each other.

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by CG IT In reply to

your problem is that you have a wireless router and not a wireless access point. With a router you've created two networks [2 different subnets]. If you return the router and get an access point you can do away with having two networks [subnets]. Access points are not routers and fit into the existing network subnet eliminating the problem your having with wireless connections by using 2 routers.

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