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Connection issue with Wirless Networking

By sbark2002 ·
I have a Linksys wireless connection that is pretty standard. The DSL signal received through a modem is connected and shared out through a Linksys 902.llb wireless router. The issue is all the web access no matter what computer is used is showing up as accessed by a single user/computer. I need to stop this, the one user/computer utilizes VPN and is for work and should have limited web time only go to authorized sites. Right now it shows that single user/computer as responsible for web time and site access for every system in the house. I need to connect the DSL so this doesn't happen, I can't have everything registered under a single user or system. Thanks.

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When you use a NAT router as you are, all computers that use that router as a gateway are going to have the same IP address. That is the way a NAT router works.

Regarding the user who uses VPN:

If I understand your question, one of the users on your LAN uses VPN to connect through your router to a corporate site via the Internet? So I can understand what issue you are trying to solve, what is measuring access? How is it measuring it? Number of packets? Web sites visited?

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Try to access your Router first and make sure DHCP is enable it, not sure if you have knowlage dealing with routers, but seems that you ned to create and access poitn if you need to shared your Internet connection, as far the router is a 802.11b so may sure is other devices are 802.11 g?

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by sbark2002 In reply to

Poste this answer.
Didn't really tell me anything I didn't already know. I know enough about routers to get them to work. Just need to know more about connecting them so all the users show up under a single user.

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