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Am in a 22 computer environment running a mix of WIN2KPRO, XPHome & XPPro. We have one XPPRO system acting as a file server. We just recently started running a VBscript on all computers to backup local data once a day. We set up a second script to indicate whether the computer was up and running and there were clear comms - the 22 computers are split between three location working across a VPN and this script just checks to make sure the VPN is up and running because of some other applications (not from file server) that are running between locations. This script runs every 30 minutes for 30 seconds.

We have a good bit of comm. happening between systems to the one XPPRO 'server'. My issue is that with all the comm. happening, the server start denying connections. I know that there is a 10 concurrent connection limit but these connections are happening for short periods. I would expect that as soon as connections are closed we should be able to reconnect to the server. But we are not able to as soon as we hit our limit - the only way the have connections made again is to reboot the server. I am assuming that the limit is what is stopping us but that may be wrong. Ping still works and that XPPRO server can still connect to other PCs after it has halted incoming connections. Could there be another issue? Is our only way around this to move to Server OS?

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