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    Connection Monitoring Software (Free)?


    by mjanosko ·

    I am in the midst of a cabling nightmare, and figure the easiest solution would be to unplug and tag each cable and plug it back in.

    What I’m looking for is a program that will send out an alert (just about instantly) that IP ADDRESS X IS NO LONGER CONNECTED something like that. Just enough that i unplug the cable, a message pops up telling me what died when i unplugged in, tag it, plug it back in. I can’t find anything simple and free.

    Like I said I just want a window to pop-up and tell me what disconnected, and then go away when I plug it back in.


    EDIT: Server 2003 Environment.

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      by mjanosko ·

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      by synner ·

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      You can just log into the console of your switch… when you unplug a cable, a message will appear telling which interface was unplugged.

      HOwever, if you are in a switched environment, a show mac address-table (in a cisco environment) will show which mac is known on which switch port. You then just have to find where that mac address is. This is tedious but less disruption.

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      The Dude

      by rtmtech1 ·

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      Try “The Dude”
      Funny name, but effective and free. I have it running all the time and it notifies me when a server goes down or cable is unplugged.

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