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Connection of 2different access points

By rs_vivek ·
Hi All,
I want to make a Dlink Access point(802.11 G std.,) as a repeater to a Linksys WAP 54 GAccess point.But it is said that we cannot connect two different access points as a repeater or client to the ohter.
MY DOUBT is , as they are of same IEEE std.,(802.11B or G)why they cannot be connected as a repeater or client to the other.
PL help me in this regard.Pl mail mail id is

THanks in advance,

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by Chorito In reply to Connection of 2different ...

What's the model number of the Dlink?

If you have on of the High Speed access points...then no you will not be able to connect'll need a Dlink high speed card.

If you have the standard access point ..(which you stated) , and that model supports being a should be able to just enter the Linksys AP info...

Post the Model numbers and maybe we can figure it out...i have different vendor APs working together with no far...

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by hozcanhan In reply to Connection of 2different ...


vivek , in the setup make sure both are in the b or g mode . Your cards must be in the same mode or able to automatically adapt. Set one as root AP and the other's role as AP Client . Since you haven't mentioned models , do your choice whichever ap allows you multiple roles . when asked for mac address of the other just type in the remote's mac address . Should be no problems.

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by rs_vivek In reply to Connection of 2different ...

As far as I'd seen many access points, 2 different access points from any two diff; manufacturers will talk to each other only iof they have WDS mode(Wireless distribution mode)in them.
I had seen this in senoa,linksys,dlink,smc accesspoints.
What u say guys?

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