Connection Problem

By gtgorman ·
This is complex, I will try to simplify.
Simple setup - Cable Modem (no routers/switchs)
* My laptop (Dell w/Windows XP) connects fine outside my home (my office & my neighbors).
* Other computers connect fine at my home modem.
* My laptop will not connect to my home modem (anymore - it worked fine until last week).
* My ethernet port lights are (left=solid yellow, right, blinking yellow). Again, other computers are having no problem connecting to my modem.

Can anyone help?

I've tried everything I know - uninstalling Network Adapter, bought new modem, renew IP address, cycle modem & computer. Just can't figure why it works other places except my modem or why other computers work fine on my modem

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It locks in to the MAC

by IC-IT In reply to Connection Problem

You really should have a router after the cable modem; lock it in once and then setup security and connect additional computers, but for the current setup.....

When you wish to change to a different computer;
Power down the cable modem (for at least 30 seconds).
Unscrew the coaxial cable.
Power up the modem.
Screw in the coaxial cable.
connect the ethernet (or usb) cable to the new system.

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Not that I doubt you for a second

by Kenone In reply to It locks in to the MAC

My cable modem works the other way around. If I power it up with the coax disconnected it doesn't get its' settings from the network. I always have to have the coax connected before I power it up. Interesting, and weird.

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I may have left out

by IC-IT In reply to Not that I doubt you for ...

one more power on/off. But once they lock onto one MAC you must powerup once with it not connected. (old age ;-) ).

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