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Hi guys, I am not much of a 'techy' but I seem to be having trouble setting up my Surround Sound system to my tv, I will start with my setup and hope you can understand, I have a Sony bdv-n700w SSsystem and I have just purchased a new Sony 55 tv, I also have a BT Humax pvr box which is my source, I have my BT box connected to my tv via Hdmi1 ( one cable) then I have my SS connected by 1 cable Hdmi(high speed) ARC to ARC to my tv and another cable Hdmi on my SS, out, to in on the tv, so basically 2 Hdmi's coming from my SS to the tv, I am unsure as to send the Humax straight to the SSsystem and use the one cable ARC to ARC from SS to the tv, BUT, I get a message on the tv saying ' switched back to tv speakers because of a communication error' and the tv started to flicker and basically scared me a little, so I disconnected the SS and now it's sitting idle because I'm not at all sure what to do. Just to add, when I did the first setup the SS did come through the speakers for appx 15 secs then I got the message on the tv and it switched back to tv speakers. I would really appreciate any help off anyone and I would like to thank you for taking the time to read this. Kind regards muvoda.
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