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Connection problem of BEFSR41v4 Router

By jedi.huang ·
I used to access internet through a D-link DSL modem (ISP provided), and shared accessing with other 4 guys through an old hub. The modem has rudimental NAT and auto-connecting functions. (automatically allocate internal IP adress from to, username and password are saved in the RAM) So the hub can be used while the NAT function is opened. I bought a WISE router to gain faster p2p using (bt & eMule) Everything was running well while the NAT function of modem was closed and used "obtain an IP automatically"(DHCP) , except losing connection several times every day.
Finally, I decided to replace it with a linksys BEFSR41v4 router. However, I couldn't access internet through the new router after step by step operation followed the setup wizard. It still was unavailable after I set the router manually, DHCP, static IP, PPPoE, PPTP, L2TP and static touting nothing works. I've tried what I can do, including reseting the router and modem, upgrading firmware. Even both router and modem work well solely. At last, I found I can access internet only if the NAT funcion of modem is opened. But it means I got 3 levels of IP adress: WAN IP, IP allocated by modem (10.1.1.x) and IP allocated by router (192.1.1.x), and I still cann't use p2p well. It's just like a hub now. All functions are limitied at modem level.
Pls give me some advices that what can I do in such situation. I don't want replace another router anymore and don't want a "hub" but a real router.
BTW, my ISP is OPTUS, I'm in Australia. I have visited website of linksys but got nothing.

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by rkuhn In reply to Connection problem of BEF ...

Not following you exactly, but check each P2P's website for port forwarding options.

Most P2P networks won't work well without port forwarding when NAT is enabled.

You need to know what ports the P2P software is using and forward those ports to a particular PC.

Alternatively, and less safe, is to put the PC using P2P software in the DMZ while downloading.

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by cpu3000 In reply to Connection problem of BEF ...

I think all you need is visiting the site below and choosing your router model & your P2P application, then follow the step by step wizard on the site.

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by superjn In reply to Connection problem of BEF ...

The issue you're having seems to be alot like an issue I had getting a firewall to work at a remote location. Your ISP is giving you a Private (RFC1** IP address of 10.x.x.x. This means your ISP is already NATing your address to some "real" address. If you want to verify this, go to, under tools, and speed check. It has a function that tells you what IP you appear to come from on the internet. If it's not your WAN ip, then you're already in a big NAT sandwich. I reccomend that if you need more connectivity, then you should request whatever level of service from the ISP (in the US they call it business class)that gives you a Static (real) IP on your WAN device. This way the only device doing NAT is your linksys.

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