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connection problems from site to site

By RG11 ·
I am having a connection problem all the sudden with one of my satellite sites. I dont think the problem is with the NT4.0 server but with the TSU, Router, or telco. We Have T1's connecting 9 satellite sites to our main site which has 2 nt4.0 servers. The connection at one site is jumping. When I ping it from the main site it will time out or time out 50% of the time. I am connecting but then the connection will drop with in a minute. Over and over. Everything has been in place and working for years until today.. The telco tested and said their end is fine. I replaced the cable from the dmark to the TSU. checked all configurations in tsu and router which seemed to be fine. The alarm light on the TSU will blink every 30 seconds to 2 minutes meaning the connection is lost.....Could the Adtran TSU be bad????

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connection problems from site to site

by NetTek In reply to connection problems from ...

I am assuming you were troubleshooting the tsu at the remote site, and not the host site, since you are not having problems with connectivity with your other sites?

We have a fractional T1 WAN with a host site and 12 satellite sites. We do not use external TSUs. We have CSU/DSU cards that are internal to the routers. However, the principal is the same. It has been my experience that in the past four years, 95% of the time the problem is with the T1, and not the equipment.

We have neverhad a router fail, and have had one bad csu/dsu. Additionally, this type of equipment usually either works or it doesn't work. Intermittent failure is rare for csu/dsu equipment.

My guess is that it is the T1. I would be more persistent with the telco. I have had situations where their remote "technicians" have told me that their line is fine. When I insisted they send a service tech out, he has found a problem with the line or smart jack on our end.

You're probably spending a lot of money on these lines. Raise **** to get a tech out.

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by RG11 In reply to connection problems from ...

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