Connection speed via VPN different on different computers?

By charlesflove ·
I live in Middle East and have a VPN connection to a UK server. If I connect using 3 of my 6 PC's at home (some run XP some Vista and all networked)all is OK and a speed check shows around 1500mbps connection. The other three PC's show around half that speed. They all connect via the same network, I've check the network card settings and all are similar. Any ideas why some are slow and some fast? I have a feeling it's a hardware issue but can't see what.

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What is the Hardware involved here

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to Connection speed via VPN ...

If the slower computers have considerably less hardware than the faster ones or a lot less RAM this could be problem.

Doesn't matter how fast the Network Cards can communicate if the system itself can not send/receive data at that speed.

Another possibility is that you have the 3 other systems on a different Switch/Hub which is a slower Switch/Hub and is limiting the data transfer speeds.


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Fair ideas but I don't think so

by charlesflove In reply to What is the Hardware invo ...

Agree about the hardware in principle but they are all very different and when I was testing I wasn't running any applications. Ironically the maching I now use is the oldest, an old desktop with a very poor spec and limited RAM so don't think it can be a 'load' issue.

The machines are all on the same home network and so use the same switch. In fact I have tried fast and slow machnes at the same physical location - same result so it must the machine themselves.

I have looked for other posts on this subject on various forums but can't find anything.

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Software issue?

by fixit In reply to Connection speed via VPN ...

Have you tried a tracert to your Server? Checked firewalls and or security software? Checked link speed and power management on nic's? Good luck!

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What kind of vpn?

by TobiF In reply to Connection speed via VPN ...

Some services come with their own local client, which whill try different ways to connect.
So a theory might be that some computers get a udp based protocol, whereas others end up on tcp, leading to a lot of packets being split on the way, and hickups every now and then if some packets are lost.

Hmm. About packets being lost... If you're using a wireless network, do check the internet speed without the vpn link from each of the computers. What if radio interference from neighbours hits your internal network? (Interference from other wlan may be found with metageek inSSIDer)

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by Greybeard770 In reply to Connection speed via VPN ...

Assuming everything else is the same, even the same NIC can vary speeds significantly from different versions of the driver.

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