Connection to Internet couldnt be established

By ramki_78 ·

i have just purchased a new Desktop PC. iam using Belkin 802.11g USB adapter to connect to Internet. i have a ADSL wireless modem/router. when i installed the belkin USB adapter, it can able to detect the SSID but the connection to Internet Fails. the "Link information" in belkin wireless utility says that the connection is established from USB to ADSL but there is no connection from ADSL modem to Internet.

Iam using a laptop which is WiFi enabled. i can able to use the laptop without any problem of Internet connectivity.

iam quite confused with the type of key that has to be keyed in as it has got different types of keys such as open system, shared key, WPA,etc.,

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Matching Settings

by Toivo Talikka In reply to Connection to Internet co ...

You need to check the wireless security settings in the ADSL wireless modem/router and make the same selections in the Belkin USB adapter. WAP is a good choice, you need to duplicate the character string in the key sequence (Key 1) to the Belkin settings.

The user guide for the ADSL wireless modem/router and the Belkin user guide should have sections on how to set the devices up.

Does your laptop using WiFi connect directly to a wireless internet service provider, and not through the ADSL wireless modem/router? If it uses the same modem/router, you could compare the settings, of course.

If your modem/router has a problem in connecting to the internet, you need to connect your desktop or laptop to the Ethernet port of your modem/router and make sure your login, password and other settings match the settings your ISP has given you.

You do not have to let the wireless modem/router broadcast the SSID, otherwise your neighbours may see your SSID when they set up their wireless gear.

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thanks for the reply

by ramki_78 In reply to Matching Settings

The laptop connects to the same modem/router without any problems, the only problem is with the desktop PC.

i will try with the details that u have provided and let u know..

thanks again for ur support

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same problem

by annavdheijden In reply to thanks for the reply

Hi, has your problem been solved yet? I have a similar problem: a winXP pc and a mac G3 ibook; both connected to adsl of a friend via D-link USB (ibook) and D-link card (MS)... both are able connect, but the ibook will not make the link to the internet, and keeps on saying "Internet Fails", while the MS internet pages open well. Why does the G3ibook not establish the internet connection? It would be great if someone could help me.

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