Connectivity Issue???? PLease Help!!!!!!

By steve_condit ·
Basic Explaination:
I have a VPN tunnel created through my routers connecting to 2 Windows SBS 2003 Standard Edition, domains. They are on seperate subnets. They have seperate .local domains. I have IP connectivity anywhere between the sites. Meaning I am able to ping any computer from any computer, via IP an IP only.. My servers are acting as there own local DNS server.

From Network "A" I am able to see Network "B" in my network connections, but unable to resolve further in the network, in order to view network components, and I'm able to remote desktop to Network "B".

From Network "B" I am unable to see any other network other than my local, or remote desktop. When attempting to remote desktop Network "A" it get's to authentication and halts.

I have all the correct port forwarding set in both servers. Obviously my IP routes are good.....

I'm looking for some advice on how to be able to view Network "A" from Network "B".

I was informed to set up a new secondary host in the local domain DNS server for the remote domain, on both sides. I did this, but like above my Network "A" showed the new forwarded DNS host connected, and Network "B" with unable to connect also. The report was "zone not loaded from DNS server. The DNS encountered a problem when attempting to load the zone. The transfer of zone data from the master server failed."

I pretty much know my issue has to be in Network "B". Which I have not been able to figure out....

I don't know where to go with this now, guys. Would love the Help....


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by blazinride In reply to Connectivity Issue???? ...

Hey Steve,

The trouble your having is because NETBIOS name resolution is not being forwarded between the tunnel (by default its not), your best bet is to set up two wins servers on each side of the tunnel.

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Check RRAS properties

by curlergirl In reply to Connectivity Issue???? ...

If you're going through a VPN tunnel, you shouldn't have any problem with name resolution. It doesn't matter whether you have WINS servers or not, as long as your systems are all XP or Win2K/2K3. However, your RRAS device has to be set to allow routing of broadcast traffic. On a Windows RRAS server, there is a setting in the properties of the server to enable broadcast name resolution. Open the RRAS management console, right-click the server name, go to Properties, and then to the IP tab. Check to see if this option is enabled. If you are using routers to create the VPN tunnel, you'll have to check them to make sure they are set properly.

Hope this helps!

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