Connectivity Issues: Laptop, Wireless, Router? Who to Blame? What to Fix?

By BorgInva ·
Router or PC? Laptop NIC or Broadband issue? Laptop overloading router?

Here is my issue. I am always loosing my Internet connecting. More like a quick surge.

> All OSes are XP SP2. All updates, etc, etc, etc....
> Timewarner (cable) Broadband (sucks), NC.
> Linksys WRT300N (latest firmware).
> Dell laptop uses Dell Wireless 1500 Draft 802.11n WLAN mini Card (latest drivers).

Now I am not sure what is going on and I have spoken to Dell and Linksys, but neither knows what is the cause. This is what happens and you can be the judge.

PC 1 and 2 are wired to router. I run many applications including 3-4 Remote Desktop windows on PC1. Internet applications, dozens of tabs in Firefox, etc. All good.
Laptop uses wireless to router. Runs same applications. A couple of RD windows, radio, dozens of tabs in IE, etc.
RD windows from PC1 are: internal PC2, external to 2 other PCs.
RD windows from laptop are: internal PC1 and PC2, external to 2 other PCs.
Only 1 unit can be RD into another, else it dumps off laptop or PC1.

Now at times, I loose Internet on the the laptop. I found no pattern on using 0-4 RDs, other Internet apps, etc. Sometimes it seems when I am doing something quick. Like trying to type fast in one of the RD windows. Other times, not.

Now what bothers me is this.... One of the PCs I access externally, I use a phone program, called Fluency if you wanted to know. So I am happy on that remote PC, and then my laptop cuts out. So I reset my laptop's connection and get back into that remote PC. Now here it is... the phone app also lost connection into my home network. So as far as it was concerned, when I loose connection with the laptop, which having that program running, it thinks the router reset and looses connection. However, PC1 is still downloading or connected (AIM).

Now this never happens when I use that remote PC on PC1, which is wired. So that tells me that it may not be overloading the router, since running everything via PC1 is fine, but something with the wireless, when using the laptop, surges the router for a second, even though it seems everything on PC1 is still connected (AIM does not disconnect, downloads still going, etc).

Doing everything via PC1 is fine. No problem.
Doing everything via laptop seems to make outside connections loose, um, connectivity, along with laptop loosing connectivity, but PC1 stuff is fine at that time.

What other info can I provide? What do you think?

Thank you.

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