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Consequences of online game

By keitaro444 ·
Recently, there are too many online games that affect those people who playing them every day at least 3 hours. In thailand, there are employee dont want to work because they want to play online games. So , what do you think guys ?

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Gaming is escapism

by jkaras In reply to Consequences of online ga ...

I online game and enjoy it. I find it more fun to play against people from all over than just a computer or friends that I know every tactic that they will use. I guess you could compare online gaming with chatting. Both online activities pull the person into the interaction stealing many hours of personal time.

I dont know much about Thailand other than it is a rather poor country where not many of its people experience basic standards of living to a degree that we are used to. Meaning the type of work available is menial, factory work that pays very little. I can imagine that there really isnt much opprotunity for a successful life in Thailand so if I would be from there I guess I would engage in as much escapism as possible. I dont think I could get jazzed up going to those types of jobs everyday working to the bone getting so little in pay. My belief of their monitary and quality of living is just from a client I knew in retail who got involved in a mail order bride from there. During the "courtship" he explained and showed me pictures of what a good apartment was like and how much. He also explained the quality of water and how he took her entire family including cousins of about 30 people and fed them all for less than $80. When he talked of their situation I really got the impression of borderline poverty in tiny apartments vs. grass huts in the jungle and rice farms in the middle of nowhere. I'm sure they have most of the normal trappings that we take for granted but if I had the choice to tune in or tune out there, I chose tunning out.

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The lesser of two evils

by DC_GUY In reply to Consequences of online ga ...

The games are their escape from an unhappy life. If they didn't have that escape, they'd use another one like alcohol. They and those around them are surely better off this way.

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