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Consider This Fast, Affordable Solution For Your PC Problems.

By someone ·
Jane's Scenerio:
Jane is home one Saturday Morning trying to get caught up on some office work. She turns on
her PC and it boots up but her word processing software wont' load. She tries all the
traditional methods that she knows, no luck. She calls"Minisoft" but her product is no longer supported and they want $250,no way.
She goes on line and checks some news groups and gets led to this non-receptive help desk who's not much cheaper
(present company absolutely excluded)
but she does'nt feel like she can trust them so,(hour 2)she crawls under her desk and

procededs to unplug a couple dozen wires, loads it in her car and stands in line at the

service counter(Hour 3). The tech. confuses her with a bunch of technical jarga designed exclusively to put her in her place and set her up for the kill. Finally he assures her it's not a hardware problem and it might be done by Monday night. Half the day is gone and Jane is in serious need of asprin and maybe a small loan.
Not to mention the fact that she ended up far behind in her valuable schedule.
*Consider this alternitive:
A program wont' load for you(the consumer) and you know about this new site called
(InetFix will be online next week) because of it's carefull, aggressive marketing. You like the fee schedule so you hit the Paypal button and within 2 minutes you are online with a tech. who's primary responsibility is to treat you with the utmost respect followed by the ability to swiftly, acurately repair your pc. On the average, the whole project took around an hour and, your back online.
All said and done, your pretty happy because your problem is fixed and you were treated with respect the whole time. InetFix will also have a bunch of freebees from do it yourself tips, to all kinds of drivers and utilities, a news group, scheduled chat sessions with top notch IT proffessionals + a secret weapon that you can only see when InetFix is online.
How much would you expect this to cost? Around $99 a ticket, or closer to $149?
IT Pros, would you be intrested in earning a fat commission working part time from home?(I know; I know but believe me it's not a "get rich quick scheme" I'm just a guy offering a possible solution and expecting to make money for it.
Anyone intrested in being a part of this can e-mail me for the details on my "ace in the hole".
How do you like the name of the site ""? Do you think it will catch on?

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by Oz_Media In reply to Consider This Fast, Affor ...

If you run your company as well as you keep readers it may be quite profitable.

One point to note though, any reputable or respectable company ALWAYS offers their intent before having the reader read a hundred or so words. Marketing 101.

In this case, I think it was written this way to avoid skepticism, similar to the make-money-from home ads. It may be beneficial to separate yourself from THAT clutter, I know that's not how you wish to come across.

Any web based business has an great opportunity for success, it's the ones that don't follow through with their intent that die. The hardest part to building a new copany has got to be reaching the pubic, this is the ideal medium for such a venture.

The one thing I NEVER understood about online help is what if you can't boot or surf? It's kinda like a towing company that only picks up cars if they are delivered to the towing company, if your cars broken down, how do you get there?

You seem to be focused more toward helping people that have access to resolve software issues, which makes sense, as opposed to phone support for those who can't connect.

I'll keep an eye out for your site when you're up and running, if you want or need any site coding help, especially gettng top search engine placement, feel free to e-mail me.

Good luck,

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by someone In reply to Compelling

Thank You OzMentalCase,
I will certainly follow your advice. I should have stated my intentions at the beginning of
the story. Just to let you and the other readers know- I'm just one electrician who is new to this type of business and I have a presentation
to make to recieve the funding I need. Ozmentalcase's input will be used. To answer your
question, yes, you do have to have connectivity
at some level for this to work.
Here's the secret weapon. When you go to InetFix, it will make 2 connections to you using two seperate ip's. You will see the Tech. on your
screen at his/her terminal helping you and you will see their cursor fixing/configuring on your desktop.This will be great fo seniors because they are watching and learning technique rather than being pressured to perform or else their problem wont be fixed. Also, the younger croud should appreciate the technology.(allthough it's not exactly new). I believe a have found the right parent company to take me on but,
I'm going to need to pay consultants and I'm going to need some good,nice technicians to
take calls on their home PC's on commission.

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Sounds like you set

by Oz_Media In reply to Thanks

You have a great idea, especially selling the "live desktop" connection as a learrning tool to reassure those with hacker doubts.

Actually, I remote network for a couple of clients and do the exact same thing when fixing user desktops, they are quite amused to watch it but it also reassures them that they can fix it themself next time, usually resulting in my next service call.:-)

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by someone In reply to Sounds like you set

You took the words right out of my mouth!
This plan has multifold benefits.
Anyway, the site is going well. Should be up by the end of the week. I still need IT pros, consultants, web pros, sales....
Pretty much everyone it takes to make a company.
Most of the funding has been approved.
Remember, I'm looking for key players who want to earn a nice comission, not employees.Whoever might be intrested and is willing to sign a letter of intent can e-mail me for a copy of the business plan.

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by nicholasclayg In reply to Compelling

"building a new copany.." its company there sir.HAha j/k had to mess with you. Your points are well put and your business knowledge seems to be top notch, just proof read next time haha. cheers-

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