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    Consider VoIP’s security ramifications


    by debate ·

    What’s your take on voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) technology? Has your organization implemented this Internet service, or does it plan to in the near future? What concerns about security do you have? Share your comments about the potential security issues with VoIP technology, as discussed in the Nov. 22 Internet Security Focus newsletter.

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      VoIP is About Commerce

      by bdbeans ·

      In reply to Consider VoIP’s security ramifications

      VoIP will survive based upon it’s ability to be deployed over just about any highspeed Internet connection. Not only is VoIP easier and more cost effective to impliment and deploy in developing regions of the world it also represents a boon windfall of profits for investors in the telecom and technology sector as it spreads and matures. Imagine a developing or third world country begin able to impliment a world class telecom infrastructure without having to outlay billions of dollars for costly landline infrastructure buildouts? There you can see the potential power of VoIP based on application. Secondly, telecom and technology sector investors are able to reap windfall profits because they can charge roughly the same amount for phone service without heavy governmental regs. This means that the phone company’s will jump on the bandwagon full force to deploy VoIP worldwide. VoIP, like any developing technology will mature over time, and VoIP’s maturity promises far more utility and security than landline phone systems could ever dream of. My advice, skip the techno-speculation and start investing your money in telecom and technology. That’s the best piece of free advice you’ll ever get.

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      Home VoIP and the internet

      by house ·

      In reply to Consider VoIP’s security ramifications

      VoIP technology, when implemented in an internal corporate environment, has proven to be a huge success. This type of controlled environment promotes stability and reliability, as switching and routing can be monitored and managed to provide an excellent QoS. However, when dealing with home VoIP solutions, it is a different animal.

      I work for an ISP that offers home VoIP through the use of an IAD (integrated access device). This type of service is much too reliant on the stability of the internet connection of our client. While the vast majority of our clients experience no problems at all, a small percentage complain about choppy or robitic voices when speaking on the phone. I had not even considered the possibility of virus activity, but it is true that the ones who do not have the QoS of the majority, are usually the same ones who consistently lose their internet connectivity by acquiring spyware, malware, backdoor trojans, etc. Some of the historical problem areas with cable service also experience the same effect. This is beyond the control of the ISP and raises difficult support questions to handle on the phone.

      I have not elected to implement this in my own home. The solution does not provide 911 service due to the legal ramifications of a potential disconnection. It is an ideal solution for those who want to add a second line in their home, but it is difficult to sell when the client does not have internet service and they are considering the cost of a high speed connection in addition to the cost of the VoIP service.

      PS-We have a lot of resellers of our service who are very successful.

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