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    Consistent single reboot prob


    by phloyd ·

    Here’s one for you: Mobo: DFI ak76sn w/266 fsb; 776 mb ram; 1.3 AMD proc; new case/P.S.; g force 5200 agp w/ 128 mb ddr; win xp pro; audigy drive sound; nothing else unusual, bu here is my problem…
    when I boot it up the first time it gets to the desktop and then just shuts down and reboots… as if the processor has overheated or the mobo didn’t detect a proc fan, i.e. just shuts off and starts rebooting. Here’s the strange thing: it will continue to do so unless you manually turn the pc off and then turn it back on and it will boot normally and run indefinately until the pc is shut down again, where as it starts the same pattern again.

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      by thechas ·

      In reply to Consistent single reboot prob

      How big is your power supply?
      Is it rated for at least 400 Watts continuous output?

      Is the CPU speed properly detected in BIOS settings?
      I have seen a number of Socket A motherboards where the CPU FSB and multiplier were set wrong in BIOS settings, and that caused boot and other problems.

      This could be a ‘legacy’ IRQ conflict.
      Try swapping slots for your plug-in cards.

      I have experienced several hardware combinations that just do not work well together when running XP.
      Try a different modem.
      Or sound card.

      If you have a NIC, that can be a source of strange problems.
      HOWEVER, changing your NIC can trigger a product activation event.

      Disable any wake-on settings in BIOS settings.


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      Reply To: Consistent single reboot prob

      by cmptrwhz ·

      In reply to Consistent single reboot prob

      I had a similar problem with XP Pro/Home on my home machine.. had bad memory chip. Replaced and all works great now.

      You can download a freeware tester at


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