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Consolidate Win2k Servers or Not??

By dscount ·
Desparately seeking data... Research data...

Okay.. I'm sure this has come up already. But I'm looking at a large client with several small sites we are instructed to look into consolidation of servers for remote users to a central spot. IE: Move all to a central location. (20+ Servers, 2000 Users across like 6 remote branchs)

1) Anyone have documented facts on the Pros/Cons of consolidation (with like multiple T-1 lines)

2) Need to prove why it's good/bad to consolidate. Our teamsopinion is not good enough. IE: Are worried about our jobs and not being straight forward type thing we are going to great lengths to prove we can be professional. (Hence this request)

3) Anyone have a documented study on consolidation of servers/sites? IE: Is it all it's cracked up to be? Managers are convinced savings of 25-30% across the board is really going to save money.

4) Any documented cases showing consolidation saves support costs on the servers and how it affects the user support needs if at all. (IE: Same Data, bigger box = same support??)

5) Finally.. Really really hard to find this. Anyone have some cost analysis on what it costs to have say user John Doe wait an extra 20 seconds for something? Anything? Like for every T-1 and 1000 users you lose xxx packets due to saturation etc..

Thanks.. It's kinda a weird request. But we have to honestly show the pro's and con's for and against a consolidation. WTS is another part of this.. but I've info on that now.

Any help or general direction you can point me to is great...

You can email me directly if you can contribute. Or complain.

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by taylortc In reply to Consolidate Win2k Servers ...

Thats going to be a lot of traffic even though you have a t1 in each location. We have 165 sites and each one has at least a T1. We are running Domain Controllers on each site to reduce traffic. Keep in mind that each user will have to authenticate all the way back to the central location, never mind DNS traffic, internet and file transfers. I don't think that is the correct solution. Even a member server would be better than no server.

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