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Consolidating with Virtualization...your thoughts.

By ttosun ·
I was reading an article the other day about virtualization and server consolidation at a popular universty in the US. Using virtualization technology, they were able to dramatically reduce the number of servers within their infrastructure going from something like 74 down to 40 servers and projecting that number to decline to 30 with further virtualization.

Since I personally don't have much experience using vitualization in an enterprise environment, I'd like to know about some of your thoughts and experiences about using virtualization to consolidate servers.

One specific question I have is, what are the best apps to run together in a virtual environment?

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Benefits of virtualization....

by faradhi In reply to Consolidating with Virtua ...

One big benefit is that you do not have to worry about what apps you are running together. The Idea is that you run several instances of an OS and applications on one box. The applications and OS does not know what else is running because they think they are running on their own box.

If you monitor cpu and memory utilization on your servers and notice that a large amount of memory and CPU time is going unused, then virtualization may be a solution to explore. For example, File servers can run virtualized with a web server without any problem. The really cool part is that the web server could be on your dmz and the file server on your internal network.

Additionally, there are some real disaster recovery benefits. With virtualization, you do not have to have the same hardware when restoring the OS. The virtualization software hides the actual hardware from the OS. If running a SAN and the server fails then some virtualization software allows you to move the virtual server to another physical server dynamically.

Also, if you need to perform maintenance on a the hardware and you are running a SAN, with some virtualization software, you can move the virtual server to another piece of hardware without disturbing the user. They will not notice anything. That is good stuff.

I hope this helps and makes sence.

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