Constant Explorer.exe error, tried all, I'm stumped!-Help

By TechPro34yrs. ·
Good Day fellow techs, I hate to admit it but I'm stumped. One of the many windows updates started this constant error.
"Explorer.Exe - Application Error, the instruction at "0x734305be" the memory could not be "Written". Click ok to terminate the program or Click CANCEL to debug the program".
I've tried everything I can think of with no luck. Event Viewer under Applications and System are clean. Downloaded the "Autoruns" for checking all drivers and found no problems.
Removed any program I hinted as causing a problem, still no luck getting rid of the explorer error and it's constantly popping up.
Any help from Hal and the gang would be extremely appreciated at this point in time, I'm almost ready to get my hammer out - :+)
Thanks for any help anyone may offer.
TechPro29yrs. some pro huh?

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I don't know if I can be of any assistance here

by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to Constant Explorer.exe err ...

As this isn't something that I've run into.

Though from past experience I can tell you that a Hammer never solves a problem but a 40 Ton Excavator will particularly if you park one of the tracks on the computer. :0

I've seen this happen twice now the first time with my NB when an excavator had a problem and there was no room in the cabin to work so I was standing outside the thing with the NB sitting on a track with all the diagnostic leads plugged into the NB and the fitters legs hanging out the door when the thing took off at full speed. It only moved about 15 20 feet but far enough to have the left hand track sitting on top of my NB.

Another time one sales person for this type of equipment got tired of their Steam Powered Computer so after a big sale he parked one of the big excavators on top of his old computer. Both of these cases resulted in a new computer which worked perfectly but both where more than a bit drastic and the first one was very dangerous as well. It would have been so much easier if I had of been told what was wrong I would have been holding the NB and not have it sitting on the track though to be honest I would have probably have dropped it as I jumped clear.

If you list your Hardware and Software Load Chas may have some suggestions for you.

Also run a RAM Diagnostic and see if it's working correctly or if there is a RAM problem. Actually try downloading the Ultimate Boot CD from here


And run some Hardware Diagnostics just to rule out a Hardware problem.


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Swap out RAM as a check

by Fred123456 In reply to Constant Explorer.exe err ...

Swap out the RAM, the error is being pretty explicit about where the Application error is occuring.
Their are basically three posibilities;
1. The file explorer.exe has been altered to cause the stop error
2. A DLL used by explorer.exe has become "changed" to cause the stop error.
3. The location in RAM is physicaly damaged and is not storing the data correctly.

If you swap out the RAM and try again and get an error similar to the original then its probably a corrupt file or dll.

I had something similar in the new Dell small form factor GX620. When I moved the RAM to the slot farthest away from the hard drive no more problems.

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I wouldn't swap ram

by Langlier In reply to Swap out RAM as a check

but rather run a memory test.

If you have the capability to run a full hardware diagnostic that would be my first step. Hard drive and RAM are the primary areas of concern (HD because of possible corrupted data, RAM because of write issues).

If you come up with memory errors thats when you may want to try replacing, repositioning, or possibly just reseating the RAM.

Backing up critical data and attempting a repair install of windows is next. Even if your hard drive is A-OK I've seen windows become corrupt from the most minor of things.

Finally if none of the above work... Time for the format and reinstall.

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Repair the operating system

by stephen In reply to Constant Explorer.exe err ...

You can try sticking a windows xp cd in. When you do, restart the computer. do it like you would do a normal installation, but when you get to the screen that says detecting operating systems and it finds it, do a repair on it. Basically, it'll rewrite the system files and repair corrupt files. It's just like doing a fresh install, but you still have all of your documents and stuff.

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Nice thought...

by pjschloemer In reply to Repair the operating syst ...

Well.. I am currently experiencing this forums issue on a clients machine.. tried to run the OEM OS disk and thought maybe doing a Repair and such.. But no that does not work.. there is other problems i am seeing it gets to a black screen and sits there with a cursor .. so I am more less pointing my finger at a RAM error and swapping out the RAM would be a first solution and then last resort is to back up data and then reinstall the OS.

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