constant password requests from outlook 2010

By hazzzaa ·
Hi everyone, I'm part of the IT team, and we have a couple of users saying that they are constantly being asked to enter their username and password from outlook. Both were recently upgraded to 2010 from 2003. we are running Exchange 2007, and the clients run windows xp.

The issue is mostly an annoyance, as the users can still get all of their emails, and use outlook normally. The password prompt appears to coincide with the download of the offline address book, and despite the correct username and password being entered, the OAB is not downloaded, and the password prompt just comes straight back. pressing cancel will allow the user to get on with their work, and everything is normal until the next time outlook tries to update the OAB.

Any ideas?

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RE: This may be of some help

by hazzzaa In reply to This may be of some help

Hi OH Smeg,
not much help there, that was all about setting up an account. that's already done and set up. this issue is that Outlook prompts for a password whenever it tries to syncronise the OAB. It works with no problems for emails, and for calendar entries, but for some reason it requires a password for the OAB, even once the password is entered correctly, it asks again, and again. It never actually syncronises the OAB.

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I didn't read the entire listing

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to RE: This may be of some h ...

But it was supposed to be about setting Outlook correctly.

Quite often it's not a Outlook Issue as such but a Network Issue where the workstation stop synchronizing with the server.

This was supposed to be the bit you need to follow.

When you use the default Exchange Server POP3 or IMAP4 authentication setting (Clear Text Authentication), set your POP3 or IMAP4 account name to include the following information:

For example, if your domain is "Name_of_domain," your account name is "Myaccount," and your Exchange Server alias is "Serveralias," your account name is as follows:
To find your account name in Outlook Express:
On the Tools menu, click Accounts.
Click the Mail tab, and then click your mail account.
Click Properties, and then click the Servers tab.

What if any Error messages are listed on the Workstations and Server here? The bit down the bottom may prove useful under References as there are links to specific Error Messages listed there.


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there are no errors

by hazzzaa In reply to I didn't read the entire ...

The email accounts are configured correctly as near as i can tell. This issue only arose after upgrading an existing workstation with an existing user account from office 2003 to office 2010. and the problem seems to be isolated to only 2 users.

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I would try a clean install of 2010, then.

by seanferd In reply to there are no errors

Remove 2003, clean out all configuration and registry settings, then install 2010 and configure from scratch.

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The exact same problem....

by petur In reply to constant password request ...

I have exchange 2007, and outlook 2010. A user at my company is experiencing this issue when downloading OAB. Outlook prompts for user and pass. I have the update rollup 9 installed on the Exchange server. I??ve been trying a few things. I??ll post here if I get anywhere with this...

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I assure you that next time Outlook 2010 wouldn't ask for password agaain &

by gksrivastava.india In reply to constant password request ...

Go to 'Start -> Control Panel -> User Accounts -> Manage Your Credentials -> Look under Generic Credentials'.
Edit the Microsoft Outlook and change the password. Now launch your Outlook 2010 again to ensure that it is working or not..if it doesn't work for you... try alternate method here to fix it.

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