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Constant registry errors - why?

By vcb1 ·
I know this is a dumb question but I do get tired of fixing these. Can anyone tell me why I get constant registry errors? What causes it and is there any way to prevent it. I'm also wondering why I constantly get spyware/tracking stuff. I run Norton internet security but every time I run AdAware it finds spyware. How the heck do you keep your system clean?? It's very frustrating! Thanks.

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by fungus-among-us In reply to Constant registry errors ...

Because you're using a M$ OS, and using a Symantec product for your "security". Seriously... Symantec products are KNOWN to wreak havoc on Windows registries. I used to use the "FREE" versions of Spybot S&amp and pestpatrol... since neither of these will detect "rootkit" behaviour, I have switched. The Sept issue of PC-MAG has a buying guide for anit-spyware utes and has some really useful tips in that article. Stay away from M$'s Windows Defender... it doesn't do what it SHOULD do... or should I say... It does everything poorly. Problem with FREE utes is the fact that it IS free. Since you've purchased (assumption) Norton's Internet Security, I will also assume you don't have a problem spending a little to keep your computer safe. Spy Sweeper 5.0 and Spyware Doctor 4.0 have very high ratings from reviews all over the net and is also PC MAGAZINE's "editor's choice". Sadly, I used to be a staunch supporter of Peter Norton... but when it became SYMANTEC's Anti-Virus, it got bloated, lazy and BROKEN.
P.S. Do a search on the TechRepublic.. keyword Symantec. Pop some corn and enjoy the read.

Good Luck

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by vcb1 In reply to Constant registry errors ...

I also use System Mechanic which does seem to correct things. I guess I'd just like to PREVENT the problems. Norton was included with my Dell laptop and I primarily use it for my firewall.

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by BorgInva In reply to Constant registry errors ...

Check out my list of FREEBIES to help prevent/detect those bits of junk.

I do not have registry stuff on the doc yet, but I use these FREEBIES (registry only tools, not part of system suites like System Mechanic or Norton SystemWorks):

Lars Hederer's ERUNT v1.1i

Lars Hederer's NTREGOPT v1.1i

EasyCleaner Blacklist #6

Microsoft Regclean 4.1

RegEditX 1.31


Registry Booster 1.1

Registry Mechanic

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by vcb1 In reply to

Thanks for the resources!

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by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to Constant registry errors ...

Registry Errors are caused by software not loading correctly. This is a MS Windows Bugbear and is a common problem.

As for Spy Ware/ Male Ware this is different to Virus so the Norton's Internet Security doesn't address this issue as it is mainly aimed at Virus Protection not Spy Ware/Male Ware. The reason that you are picking up so much Spy Ware is that you are visiting sites that are infected by this stuff and you need to alter your browsing habits if you want to cut back the amount of this that you pickup. Porn, Gaming and Games sites are well known for this stuff and they will constantly keep infecting your computer every time that you visit them.

Currently with Windows allowing Kernel Changes to be made with the installation of software it it inherently insecure maybe Vista will address quite a few of these issues maybe not as we have yet to see what software can be installed and used on that OS but it's heading in the right direction and going along the Unix/Linux Lines which it should have started to follow years ago though presently it still leave a lot to be desired but it's an improvement.

You need to get into the habit of regularly scanning your system for infections and this depends on your use but it should be done at least once a week and more often if you do any On Line Banking or pay by Credit Card for On Line Purchases.


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by vcb1 In reply to

Well I don't visit porn, gaming or game sites ever! But I do research and read all kinds of stuff on the internet and I do a fair amount of online shopping. I guess I'm just stuck as long as these folks are allowed to invade my personal space! So constant vigilance is necessary. Thanks for the explanation -- it answered the question!

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by vcb1 In reply to Constant registry errors ...

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