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Constant software failure

By jah7_85 ·
I recently had to reformat a Dell Inspiron 1501 computer. It has the oringinal software CD's that I reinstalled it with, drivers, software, everything. But, the problem that is driving me insane is that, whether its ANY internet browser:IE, Chrome, etc. It has failures. Where it'll stop working then I'l have to ctrl+alt+del it to restart the program. Same thing with iTunes. Every program that I instal and want to run, will work the first couple of times and it seems that around the same time all programs when I double click on them, dont start up at all. It doesn't give me a error message or anything. It just doesn't do anything. Its a AMD Turion64, Windows XP Media Center Ed. SP3.I even updated the drivers for the computer. And nothing seems to work.

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Have you thought

by santeewelding In reply to Constant software failure

That this whole giant thing that we all have going for us has just ignored you -- let you fall through the cracks?

Have you thought of just pulling your sidearm and giving it one between the eyes?

Then, to move on?

Or, is this your personal Jihad?

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Well constant is the word isn't it ?

by Tony Hopkinson In reply to Constant software failure

Given the only thing you haven't changed is the hardware.

Download a PCChecker and make sure it's OK, check the compatibility lists etc.

Memory or harddrive error would be my first picks with these sypmtoms.

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A full Hardware Diagnostics is in order here

by OH Smeg In reply to Constant software failure

Start with the Ultimate Boot CD which is free here

Just make sure to click on the download link and not the add on the page.

Burn off the ISO Image to a CD and then use it as a Boot Disc to test all of the hardware in your Dell.


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Definite hardware failure

by NickNielsen In reply to Constant software failure

Either memory or hard drive. Others have made excellent suggestions.

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Tried Scans

by jah7_85 In reply to Definite hardware failure

I tried a memory and HDD scanner's the only problem that was found, was that of the HDD being a little hotter than need be. But the software said that both hardware's were working fine, with no error's. Would physically changing the hardware be of use?

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There are a lot more things that can and do fail

by OH Smeg In reply to Tried Scans

Besides the RAM and HDD.

The Power Supply can go off even in NB's and things like the M'Board do fail.

Not to mention what's the temp of the CPU?

They are all things that need testing.


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I had the pissiest problem today

by NickNielsen In reply to There are a lot more thin ...

POS peripherals locking up.
- Booted to the USB stick, fired up the point-of-sale diagnostics and tested the POS interface and all peripherals good. PC failed to boot after shutdown. :0
- Cleaned PC, still won't boot.
- CPU fan attempts to spin up, but dies. Tested power supply output voltages good. :)
- Suspect bad CPU or mainboard. Swapped processors, no change.
- Swapped mainboard, tested with original CPU, no change. :_|
- Swapped new CPU in, no change. X-(
- Changed power supply, reinstalled original mainboard and processor. PC now completes POST, but fails to search for IDE devices. ?
- Installed spare mainboard and original processor, PC now boots and all POS peripherals function properly.

If you caught all that, I replaced both the mainboard and power supply to fix that sucker. And it only took me three hours to narrow it down.

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Bet it was

by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to I had the pissiest proble ...

Just so much Fun too Nick. :^0

Thankfully my day has been considerably better than that but as soon as I post this things are sure to go downhill. :0


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Constant you say....

by The 'G-Man.' In reply to Constant software failure

will work the first couple of times and it seems that around the same time all programs when I double click on them, dont start up at all.

Does not sound a constant to me!

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