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    by p.hodgeson ·

    what does a consultant do different from the likes of i.t support or net administrator……

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      Consultants and Contractors

      by oldefar ·

      In reply to consultant…………

      Most so called consultants are really contractors – paid to do a specific set of technical tasks like system or network administration.

      A true consultant provides consultation – a perspective based on knowledge, expertise, and experience that provides the business and its technical staff to achieve objectives in better fashions.

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        Consulting vs Administration

        by bmn ·

        In reply to Consultants and Contractors

        As a consultant I attempt to provide insight as to how technology compliments the clients overall business strategy AND to provide options on how to capatilize on the latest innovations. I rely on my organizations extensive group of experts to provide excellent recommendations.

        As an administrator, I help implement what the consultants recommend. I am too busy maintaining systems to assume I know everything about all areas of technology and consultants can help me direct the company to solutions that make sense.

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